About the Practice

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Cukier has established himself as a cornerstone of plastic surgery practice in the Houston Medical Center. He has earned and maintained the impeccable respect of his peers and patients alike.

Dr. Cukier and his staff focus on delivering honesty, sensitivity and an all-inclusive blanket of information, which in their combination affords our patient a compassionate and comfortable experience from beginning to end. During this relationship, our patient is educated as to what the limitations of their expectations are, and what expectations can reasonably be attained. Taking into consideration the ultimate goals that are mutually decided upon, a plan is developed that finely modifies the “negative” so that the “positives” stand out.

Throughout the postoperative period, our patient is guided step-by-step, thus lending comfort to an experience that all patients approach with varying degrees of apprehension.

In reflection of Dr. Cukier’s experience and reputation, a large segment of his practice has been entrusted to addressing some of the most difficult and challenging problems resulting from surgeries performed elsewhere, which did not turn out as expected.

Whatever the presenting concern, our patient can be assured a non-judgmental atmosphere with the unlimited warmth of genuine caring and support.